DevOps Consulting and Implementation

In today’s fast-paced competitive marketplace, businesses have no choice but to embrace DevOps practices to innovate quickly. Technology is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up, beyond the routine technical changes; it is so adept at handling.

To create an environment promotive to innovation, leadership must build and nurture elements like people and culture, strategy, process, tools, and technology.

DevOps Adoption


Enterprise Readiness Assessment

Before setting a business transformation plan for the future, you must have clarity on the goals and ability of organizations to innovate and apply that to scale. We help you will receive a readiness assessment to determine your current DevOps fluency and come up with areas of improvement.

If this is done as a part of DevOps Transformation, we effectively utilize various tools to come up with the assessment and recommendations. The multiple dimensions of assessment include;
  • Leadership
  • Behaviour & Culture
  • People & Processes
  • Team Maturity
  • Way of working assessment
  • Tools usage
  • Review of current practices
We do the evaluation using a combination of individual and group interviews, self-assessment through templates, observing the current way of working and immersive workshops